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Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs


The mission of IPMG is to create an exceptional organization that supports its Employee Owners to become expert navigators, guiding individuals and families to access quality, integrated services and supports that result in the betterment of their lives.


IPMG envisions the individuals we support will live quality, self-determined lives as integral and valued members of their communities.

Founding Principle

“The needs of the Individual are paramount.” The relationship element of Case Managers and Support Professionals roles is the core factor, or better stated, the heart of what the Case Manager and Support Professional does. IPMG Case Managers and Support Professionals will recognize the importance of family, friendship, and advocate relationships as essential in developing a working environment of trust. Thus, respect for the culture and traditions of the Individual over one’s lifespan are paramount.

Ethical Code of Conduct

IPMG believes a strong Ethical Code of Conduct is important to guide us as we serve and advocate for the individuals that we are privileged to support. The Ethical Code of Conduct is designed to ensure that our services are provided in a manner that is respectful and professional.

Applying for a waiver

Applying for a waiver

To help you on your way, we've provided a step-by-step process of what to expect.

Waiver Application Assistance

Core Values of IPMG

Person-Centered Thinking

IPMG values the person-centered process, whereby the needs and preferences of the individual are directed by that person, in collaboration with family, friends and other team members, placing the Individual at the center of the planning process.


IPMG values empowerment and supports to ensure each Individual lives a self-determined life.

Community Integration

IPMG values full membership and participation allowing each Individual to have a respected role within their community.

Freedom of Choice

IPMG values Individual choice by providing all options and alternatives in a manner that is meaningful to the Individual and easily understood.


IPMG values self-advocacy so each Individual’s voice can be heard, while at the same time advocating for the protection of each Individual’s rights.

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